I am Tim Drage, a surrealist. These pages contain an assortment of my artwork/play, indispersed with some slightly more homepagey fan pages, links, exclamation marks and random outbursts of creativity. Most are in dire need of updating, which may or may not happen soon.
I hope you'll enjoy having a good rummage through the so-called 'index' below!

As part of Spite Your Face Productions, I make Films and Animation!

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Spite Your Face Productions
A more professional and current site; my animation and film company.
My circuit-bending, noise performance and general sonic messing about! Also kept much more up to date than this site.

New 8/5/05:

For some reason I spent way too much time today making
This very very silly short animation.

(2.4mb MP4 movie)
('animation' is probably too strong a word.)


(Actually mostly quite old now, I really need to update this site. Please excuse any dead links or old info on any Cultivate Twiddle pages, and don't assume that any of this is pertains to my current activities any more.)

My surrealist short sci-fi film from the year 2000 is finally online! -
Remarkably Bold Venture of the Rabbit
Just a Bit - retro-bitmap-graphix art thing!
All of the Dead!! It's the world's first Lego 'video nasty' zombie extraveganza!!!!!
Stuff about Remarkably Bold Venture of the Rabbit, my college degree film. It's insane!
Love and Eyelash Curlers: An bunch of things constructed via emailart by myself and Rain Rien.
CakeMan: one of my recent old animation projects! See it, hear it, find out what on earth possessed me to make it!
Also, Lego!: my new old and indeed exciting page of strange Lego things, including dreamed lego and very odd and obscure customisations. Newly relevent: THX 13G0.


The surrealism index, containing many surrealist things, including (but not limited to):

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I'm a filmmaker! I make films!

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