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NEWSFLASH! - Mike Jittlov's incredible stop motion short Mouse Mania, originally made for Di$ney's 50's anniversary, has recently been released on DVD as part of the 'Walt Disney Treasures' series.
I'll hopefully have more info + a review here soon, but for now you can find out more via the Amazon link:

Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse in Living Color Part 2

(Cheeky I know, but if Harry Knowles gets away with it why can't I! :) Anyway, boycott Di$ney!!!)

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On Saturday the 8th March 1998, I had the good fortune to chance upon a video, in Newport indoor market, of 'The Wizard of Speed and Time'. I had read about this film, and heard good things about it from my friend Keith, a veritable encyclopedia of obscure 80's movies. I purchased it for the wonderfully low price of three of my English Pounds. This was without doubt the best three pounds I ever spent! The film is amazing! It has some of the best animation and effects I've seen (and this before oft dodgy CGI reared it's unconvincingly bump-mapped head). Almost every shot of the film is a special effect! Watching the video on a regular basis helped me survive my animation course at college, and it continues to inspire me greatly.

I quickly discovered that Mike Jittlov, who made this Hollywood special effects movie almost single handedly, is an all round genius and a genuinely wonderful person! I phoned him from my college, and he told me all manner of interesting and useful things about filmmaking, Hollywood, evil producers, the origins of Star Wars and the Happy Face, and much much more. I also learned that WoSaT (as the film is often abbreviated) was alas never properly distributed and that Mike was ripped off by his producer who actually plays the evil producer in the movie.

I encourage you most strongly to watch his films, read his most entertaining usenet postings, download his ridiculously comprehensive mac font, and generally be amazed by his manifold fine works! And most importantly, if you are in a position to get the Wizard of Speed and Time TV/proper video distribution, do! This of all films needs a lavish special edition DVD.

These things can be accomplished by visiting the below listed sites, which will tell you all you need to know to get copies of his movies, read his writings, download the font, get signed posters and stuff, read info about the movie and even contact the great man himself!

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