Mike Jittlov Can Do Everything

Before I ever saw any of Mike Jittlov's films I was intregued by an article about him in a very shabby old issue of Fantastic Films magazine I was given as collage material. I've scanned the relevent pages for the benefit of all Jittlov fans, hope you enjoy.

It's a pretty entertaining, somewhat Gonzo article with lots of interesting info and images, including the photo below of the Wizard running on water. I'm pretty sure it's not a still from any version of WoSaT that I've seen, I'd be interested to know where it came from, please get in touch if you have any idea...

Mysterious Wizard still

The article is taken from Fantastic Films Collectors Edition # 11, December 1980. It is posted here for educational purposes only, all material of course remains copyright of the original authors/publishers.

Plain text version


Scanned pages:
(fairly large files)


Just in case you want to find a copy yourself, here's what to look out for.
Aside from the Jittlov interview it's worth it for some outlandish speculation about Return of the Jedi! There's also an ad in the classified section for 16mm prints of Mike's shorts, which at that time could have been yours for only $110 each (wow!), and also the offer of "Free filmmaking advice on the phone (if I am able)...

At least one more interview here soon hopefully... watch this space...

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