Very very slightly updated March 2001!

These pages are devoted to Urusei Yatsura, one of my favorite Anime series. You really need to be a fan to appreciate this bit of website, (and even then it might be hard to appreciate...) but if you have not seen the show, here is a half-baked description:

(Can't be bothered to read all this text? scroll down to the bottom to find the index!....Actually, if you're going to be like that you can get lost! Go on, go away!)

Urusei Yatsura (which will henceforth be abbreviated to 'UY' in moments of laziness) is a sci-fi comedy series based on the manga (that's comics, ok? dunno what you're doing here if you don't know that..) by the marvellous Rumiko Takahashi, Japan's top female manga artist. The story revolves around various inhabitants of Tomobiki, and an array of aliens, spirits and other strange creatures who appear at various junctures. The main character is Ataru, a high-school student who accidentally ends up engaged to Lum, an alien princess, one of the Oni, a race of tigerskin-clad extraterrestrials based on the Oni demons of Japanese mythology....
Various conflicts and disasters occur as the unfeasibly unlucky Ataru goes about his day to day existance.

The series defies explanation really (or maybe I just can't be bothered; who can tell?)! You can find out more about it, including a better synopsis than mine no doubt, at

I would strongly recommend you to watch UY if you have a chance. A word of warning though: try to watch from the beginning of the series. Much of the humour is character-based; I find that people who just watch the odd mid-series episode are often baffled by the huge acclaim in which my friends and I hold it! (This huge acclaim is something like a large pair of pliers or tongues. Since there are something like 58 billion episodes of UY available, it takes this sizeable instrument, operated by several people, to lift the entire series.) The movies particularly are often incomprehensable to the uninitiated.

Anyway, enough of this tomfoolery, and on with the stuff! I hope to present here only the most surreal of UY stuff; I don't want another webpage with just links and copyright violations (although these are the building blocks of the web to be sure, and rightly so!). Since the series often gets pretty surreal, this should be easy enough, but I need YOUR HELP! PLEASE email me stuff! I'm particularly after fan art, fan fiction, dreams, animated gifs, photos of odd UY merchandice, UY goings on at conventions, and any and all unusual UY stuff! (one other thing I really is need a picture of Ripley in the same frame as the big stupid scull-faced 'newborn' alien from the end of the rather inferior 'Alien Ressurection', for a particularly stupid joke here... (Don't ask...just send!).)
Send anything! The important thing is to keep it surreal!!! It doesn't even have to be 'any good' (although if it's genuinely surreal it will be any good by default)! Oh, and please, nothing my service provider wouldn't approve of!
You may be thinking that I just want people to send me stuff so I can fill up this page with minimum effort, but that's where you're wrong (honest!). I just want a wide variety of stuff and to provide a home for any odd UY stuff that's too silly, strange, worrying or likely to upset right thinking folk to be put on other sites! And you can rest assured that I will soon put my money where my mouth is* and produce much UY stuff myself!


"Let's put weird and weird together, and make it even weirder!"

Anyway, on with the Actual Stuff!

If you've got this far you haven't just taken one look at my above rambling and run away, so you deserve the dubious reward of the index of what little stuff is yet here!:

* I do this as preperation for paying through the nose. I have discovered a way to literally pay through the nose, and I find it adds great satisfaction to the purchasing of overpriced items such and anime merchandise and manga. Imagine the look on the faces of hapless shop assistants as I present them with these nasal currencies!

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