The squatting project!

Moving into a Usenet Ghost Town or something?
I'm not sure what this is all about yet....I was recently idly Usenet idlinging with Dejanews, when I rediscovered the newsgroup When I was first on the net all those years ago, I found this group and assumed it to be about Blade Runner (one of the best films ever made, need I say..). I now realise that it is in fact more likely to be related to the fictional band in the great cyberpunk anime series Bubblegum Crisis. (There's nothing quite so entertaining as 80's Japanese cyber-rock, but I'd personally love to see the great Adam Warren's 'retro-thrash' interpretation from his BGC manga in action!)
Note that I just said...well just wrote...actually I didn't just write it, coz by the time you rea..
ANYWAY. I say 'likely to be related to..' as ever since first discovering it, I have never seen a message on it about either Blade Runner or BGC, other than people like myself stumbling across it and asking if anyone is there. I asked on it if anyone would join me in taking over the group 'for our own nefarious purposes', and got some response. I don't know what this will entail; possibly to merely get people discussing BR, BGC, and Philip K Dick there (again?), to create a secret surrealist newsgroup as an alternative to the oft-rubbishfilled alt.surrealism, or just to mess around. Who can tell.

Please do assist me in this project by:

Some possible aims or outcomes of this project may include:

Who knows what will happen?!

BaK tO thA Sir-ReeLisUm PaYj
(I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me!..)