Its a slightly eerie tale as I was getting strange vibes from the place, especially the background presence of crows everywhere. All the white ribbons across streets in villages denoting people killed in the civil war. Anyway, close to Kandy there was this huge tree that all the crows were flocking too, it had a massive low canopy, like a monsterously flattened weeping willow with roots hanging off branches to the ground. Walking in was like entering some subterranean world. I was drawn to the trunk and looking up suddenly saw in the shape of branch and weed-like fungus a horse headed creature shown in the file crowgod.jpg. It was very unnerving, it seemed like the boundry between this world and another darker one was just a heartbeat away. I wrote the poem WHITE HORSE TREE and later created the picture hades.jpg as it had touched something fearful inside me.
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