Fame at last!

There are no famous mail artists really, with the obvious exception of Ray Johnson (who's been mentioned on The Simpsons! Is there a mail artist on the Simpsons crew?). The personal, fleeting and democratic nature of the whole thing doesn't lend itself to fame and fortune!

However, we mailartists do get our 15 minutes in the mainstream media from time to time. My friend Frederica recently showed me an article about mail art in the Independent on Sunday magazine (22/5/99), knowing I was interested in such stuff. Imagine my surprise when I saw two of my pieces of work printed there large as life and twice as natural! A most surreal moment!

Unfortunately I was robbed of the pleasure of seeing my name in print by journalistic ineptitude (or to be kind, my mailart indecipherability!). The plastic sword I sent was mistakenly attributed to Michael Leigh of the A-1 Waste Paper Co. Oh well...I don't really mind! Michael is largely responsible for my being a mail artist at all! Besides, it's nothing compared with the lunacy which will ensue when I'm rich and famous (not via mail art obviously) and critics and the like attempt to fathom my films/arts/whatever ^_^

Apart from that it's quite a nice little article, although the writer doesn't seem to quite understand mail art that well.
But then again, who does?

You can see the article via the means of a big progressive jpeg (300k, 1661x1050 pixels) picture of the thing!Look!

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