What is Angel's Egg?

'Angel's Egg' (Japanese title Tenshi no Tamago) was directed and written by Mamoru Oshii ('Ghost in The Shell','Patlabor' movies 1+2, 'Urusei Yatsura' various episodes and movie 2, 'Avalon' , writer 'Jinroh').

Character designs were by designer, illustrator and artist in his own right Yoshitaka Amano. You may remember his designs from such anime as 'Vampire Hunter D', 'Science Ninja Team Gatchaman' and many more!.

The film is surreal in the true sense of the word (well, I think so anyway). Oshii reportedly replied to an interview question asking what it was 'about' that he didn't know. The whole film is beautifully animated and designed, and with it's dark, empty streets (interrupted occasionally by enigmatic, quiet goings-on) creates a dreamlike, slightly sinister atmosphere reminiscent of proto-surrealist painter Giorgio deChirico. There is plenty of symbolic Christian imagery, such as the cross-shaped staff the male character carries and the huge shadow fish, and the story of Noah's ark takes up a good portion of the sparse dialogue. Several articles and interviews giving more insight into the film's meaning and themes can be found on the links page.

If you chance across any kind of copy, get it! It's like nothing you've seen before, and due to the minimalist dialogue and pleasing visuals would be fairly watchable untranslated. However, here is the script! It's very short, little actual dialogue, so easy to print out and read to give you a bit more insight...would be fairly easy to subtitle too, I imagine...

There are rumours of a western DVD release soon, but in the mean time the best way to get the film would be the Japanese region 2 DVD which is avaliable on import at CDJapan.co.jp! Just remember to buy the Anchor Bay release too when it does finally come out, endorse the release of great anime!

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