An Albino Wookie, and thoughts on the surrealism of Star Wars figures

My Chewbacca figure was in bad condition, so I made an Albino Wookie!

I love Star Wars, and the action figures (the original ones, not so much the initially laughable, now improving new ones) are a particularly fantastic part of the phenomenum, almost every character in the films, however minor, being represented. The pleasing quality of the figures, the nostalgia induced by them, and the various obsessive behaviours surrounding the collecting of them, make them of great surrealist interest to me. Particularly surreal are the variations which can be found, in the form of bootleg or custom figures. These varients produce the same effect as many surrealist objects; they are the kind of things you would only expect to find in a dream. I dreamed of a completely silver R2-D2 once, and i may make one. (Yes, I dream of finding rare Star Wars figures. Sad? NO! Annoying upon waking up? YES!) The most alarming bootleg I have ever seen is a BLUE Hoth Stormtrooper

Most customisers of Star Wars figures are aiming to fill the gaps in the extensive range of figures by producing figures of characters or variations of costume etc. not already avalable, which is most abmirable. I want however to make more surreal figures not found in the film. I am also considering making Blade Runner action figures.

The trouble with all this is that I can't bring myself to harm good condition Star Wars figures, as they are so valuable these days, and my collection is far from complete anyway. If you have any broken or poor condition figures you could donate for customization purposes, I would be eternally grateful, and would shower you with mail art and other nice things, or trade for stuff you want! Please email with offers if you are feeling generous.

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