Message found by my friend Paul Dobson in techno art book in Waterstones bookshop, Metrocenter, Gateshead, England, 10/8/96

If you can shed light on the significance of this message, or if you have discovered any similar unexpected notes, please email me.

Someone did:

'Oh, yes. Liz Nesbitt was a woman I dated in school. We were walking one day and some old desheveled guy brought up some phlem and spit ballistically. before the assault of sputem, he seemed so harmless! Liz, astonished, surprised, and a bit of an extrovert, exhorted, "Nice one geezer!" Anyway next day she wrote me a note left it on my car. Next I tore the note in half and used it for a book mark you must have bought the book. The top half had her work phone number, so I put it in my wallet for safekeeping.'

If you have a more or less truthful account of the note, please propellit in my general dereliction, host paste!