Visit my new experimental music/circuit-bending/noise site Cementimental for my own audio weirdness, as well as links to more sonic artscience sites.

I like the idea of robotics and robot art, but have never got very far with actually constructing anything, due to technical inexpertise and insufficient funds. Oh well, maybe you'll do better:

Video feedback is always fun:

A great place for Mac Shareware, particularly internet software, is two cows. are also pretty useful.
Some great mac icons, fonts, and more can be found at ikthusian, a really nice site which is well worth a look even if you don't have a mac.
Go to Applefritter and see all manner of old wierd mac stuff, custom macs (especially the Lego mac!) and the like! great! is THE place to go for downloading Mac emulators of all your favorite retro computers!!

If you have ever been immersed in the wonderful world of Myst, you may want to visit Cyan's website, and find out more about the most beautiful computer game in the history of computergamekind and it's new and even differenter sequel Riven!

Bruce Sterling's Dead Media Project is a study of the history and evolution of media, in which anyone is welcome to participate. I'm sure Bruce can explain it better than I can. It looks facinating, especially if like me you had a ZX Spectrum and crave pieces of retro technology, such as a Pixelvision camera. The Dead Media archive is HERE

Other DIY/found technology sentiments can be found in Heath Bunting's Cybercafe pages, what with anarchistic faxing, photocopying, hacking, pirate radio, strange goings on in Tokyo, a global directory of public phone boxes so you can talk to the human in the street, liberation of computers from skips, and all manner of underground media art fun. Or something. Quite fabulous!

Hooray for Clive! Planet Sinclair

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