From: Kevin Max Krebs
To: tim drage

here is a dream i had quite some time ago:

I worked on the set of a TV show which on this occasion was had managed to book Elvis. After leaving a dark shed by a pool, I went to the stage where I oversaw the operations of speakers. Elvis emerged from behind the curtains, but as a Siamese twin, joined at the shoulders, and without any limbs or a head. He was attached to himself, as though he was reflected in a mirror. Also, his hair was greatly emphasized, being about twice as big as it should have been, and very greasy. However, he was still dressed in white sequin clothes.

At some point Elvis became several small pear-shaped sacks that had the texture and colour of garbage bags, which moved in an awkward hopping fashion, like a child in a potato sack. One of the segments of Elvis knocked over a sky-blue coloured speaker, which I had to promptly unplug and reposition in an attempt to avoid any electrical problems.

presley 9 : / kevin krebs